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Will Asus UX21 prove a threat for MacBook Air?

KitGuru reported on the UX21 some time ago – the hot new supersexy laptop from Asus which has the MacBook Air firmly in its sights.

At Computex, the UX21 was causing quite a sensation, with many people focusing on the stunning appearance. Asus clearly want to get sales from the PC centric audience who will never buy a Macbook Air machine.

Our sources in Taipei indicate that Asus will be targeting this machine with a $1,000 price point which looks to be a bargain if you consider the cost of other similar machines such as the Dell Adamo, which ended up even more expensive than the MacBook Air, when it was released.

The UX21 will not feature a slow ATOM either, it will have a Core i5 and perhaps even a Core i7 in a more expensive version. This means it will easily outperform the Macintosh alternative, but we wonder about temperatures in such a confined space.

KitGuru says: We really love the look of this machine

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