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Microsoft may hold off on the Surface Book 2 until 2018

The original Surface Book has been on store shelves for a long time at this point, so many are starting to hold off in hopes that the Surface Book 2 may appear soon. However, according to reports this week, Microsoft won't be pushing out a sequel laptop until 2018.

This particular report comes from ZDNet's Mary J Foley, who has proven to be a reliable source in the past when it comes to Microsoft. According to her sources, Microsoft won't start shipping a new Surface Book until Q1 2018.

Surface Book 2 rumours have popped up in the past. Most notably, earlier this year word began to spread that Microsoft may launch it this Summer but that did not come to pass. Microsoft has another event planned for October but if this report is to be believed, then the Surface Book 2 won't be a part of it.

KitGuru Says: The Surface Book was an impressive laptop for its time but it is starting to show its age. At this point, the next Surface Book should be a major upgrade for owners of the original. Do any of you currently have a Surface Book? Are you looking to upgrade to a newer version?

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