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Acer plan to attack ultrabook market in 2012

Acer are planning to attack the market this year and are targeting four sectors – tablet PC, smartphone, notebook and ultrabook. Acer Chairman JT Wang spoke about the plans at the company ceremony for the Lunar New Year.

A key focus for Acer is to attack the ultrabook market and are planning to release four new models in the second and third quarter. The price points will be competitive – between $650 and $800.

Acer also plan to target the ‘mid range price’ tablet market, between Amazon at the low end and Apple at the high end.

JT Wang said that while the netbook market is facing tough opposition from tablets, that they don’t intend on losing any of the 45% worldwide market share.

Kitguru says: He claimed that the netbook and ultrabook markets will be merged into one within the next 2 years.

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