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Samsung aim to ship 15 million notebooks in 2011

Insiders spoke to KitGuru late last night and our discussion was based around Samsung notebook shipments in 2011. This year they are expected to sell around 11 million units and they expect huge growth next year.

Even though many analysts are saying that the tablet market is becoming more dominant, Samsung are expecting to ship 15 million notebooks in 2011, a much higher figure than the estimated 20% growth rate a few months ago.

Samsung HQ in Seoul

Samsung have achieved quarterly shipments of 2.59 million notebooks in Q3 2010 and have peaked at 7 million units sold between Q1 and Q3. The figures are expected to be close to 11 million by the end of year.

Samsung are riding high right now, helped in part by their healthy in house manufacturing processing of TFT panels, memory modules as well as optical and hard drives. Their competitive price points and good build quality attract a huge audience.

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  1. Well be interesting to see how things go next year, with tablets. everyone says they will kill laptops, but I dont think so.

  2. Bring some of the Laptop competition this way and give Alienware/Dell, ASUS and MSI a run for their money in the gaming sector!

    Buy Sammy HDD all the time, not bad.