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Macbook Pro range to get retina and processor upgrades

We reported last week that Apple are preparing a new range of Macbook laptops, but we have received information last night that Apple will not only be upgrading the processing power, but they will be adopting Retina screens for the new range of computers. The Retina display was first introduced on the iPhone, then more recently the larger iPad 3 screen.

There is no doubt that once you see the iPad 3 screen that it will be hard to move to another tablet computer, so Apple are hoping that the new screens will wow the public into purchasing one of their new machines.

Apple Mac sales are growing faster than the mainstream PC sector. Analysts claim that the Apple portable devices link much better to Apple desktop/laptop computers, so people are adopting a ‘one size' fits all system of buying. Apple's plans on merging iOS features with OSX also means that the learning curve is as low as possible.

Apple's Mac sales are very healthy with reports that they doubled in the last year, hitting $21.8 billion. Many other companies are following their strategy of releasing, thin, aluminum systems to attract an appearance focused audience. No indications yet if the price point will increase.

Kitguru says: As we reported before, the new Macbook computers will be upgraded to the latest generation of Intel Core processors and they will also get a thinner body.

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