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CyanogenMod kicked off of the Google Play Store

CyanogenMod's easy installer only just launched on the Play Store three weeks ago but it seems the custom rom was violating some terms of service issues and has now been kicked off of the Google Play Store.

Google contacted the CyanogenMod developers to tell them that the app needed to go and if the devs didn't pull it, Google would “be forced to remove it administratively.” CyanogenMod did contact Google after pulling the app and were told that the app itself was harmless but it couldn't stay as it encourages people to void their warranties by flashing third party software and making use of bootloaders.

So there's no easy installer in the Play Store for now, though the dev team will try and find a way around Google's terms of service and have another crack at it eventually. That said, all hope is not lost if you don't mind downloading the app directly from CyanogenMod's website.


CyanogenMod currently has 8 million users and during the easy installer's short stay on the Play Store if gathered up hundreds of thousands of downloads. There is definitely a market out there for the CyanogenMod experience and more importantly, there's a market for choice when it comes to Android phones.

Kitguru Says: It's a shame the easy installer got pulled from the play store, as this could be another sign of Google clamping down on Android. That said,  it's easy enough to download and install the .APK right on your phone. 

Source: CyanogenMod Blog

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