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Mysterious new Samsung phone stirs up Galaxy X rumours but the proof just isn’t there

Over the weekend, a mysterious, previously unseen Samsung smartphone appeared up for certification from the WiFi Alliance as well as Bluetooth SIG. Since the model number for this smartphone does not match Samsung’s traditional naming schemes for the Galaxy S or Note series, this has caused quite a stir, with many coming to the conclusion that it could be the Galaxy X- Samsung’s experimental foldable display smartphone. Unfortunately, the facts don’t necessarily back up that conclusion right now.

The Samsung SM-G888N0 is an upcoming smartphone that just received certification via the WiFi alliance and Bluetooth SIG. Right now, the only unannounced smartphone we know that Samsung is working on is the Galaxy X, otherwise known as Project Valley. This device is widely believed to be the first to feature Samsung’s foldable/rollable display technology, which has been previewed at industry events over the last couple of years.

Given the R&D that will be going in to the Galaxy X for its new display technology, it likely won’t be a cheap phone. So, the fact that the SM-G888N0 is listed as having last generation Bluetooth 4.2 technology is enough to cast doubt as to whether this really is that phone. We have seen Samsung jump to Bluetooth 5.0 with the S8 and S8+, so this step back wouldn’t make sense for a high-end device. With that said, if this was the Galaxy X, then Samsung could upgrade it later down the line and get it certified once more closer to release.

We have no idea when the Galaxy X is going to be coming out. So with that in mind, while this listing is causing a stir, the likelihood of it being the Galaxy X is 50/50. Sure, it could be Samsung’s foldable/rollable display smartphone but it could also be literally any other unannounced phone. Samsung is a big company and it’s safe to assume they are working on more than one unannounced smartphone behind the scenes.

KitGuru Says: Connecting this specific model number to the Galaxy X seems like a huge leap given the lack of information we have. It could be that smartphone, but it could also be something else entirely.

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