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Samsung releases redesigned Android gamepad

Samsung has dropped its heavily Xbox 360 influenced gamepad in favour of a new design which does look quite nice, especially in comparison to the cheap white plastic controller it had previously released. The controller is now made with both metal and plastic and opts for a much more appealing colour scheme and finish.

However, the rest of the controller is a bit odd as Samsung has gotten rid of the A,X,Y and B buttons in favour of dots which could be a little off putting since they won’t match the in-game or on screen buttons. The new design also features an 8 directional D-pad which looks a lot like the two analogue sticks found on the controller, other than that the rest is pretty standard with two triggers, select and start buttons as well as a play button in the middle.


Not all games in the Play store have controller support but fortunately Samsung has already thought that through and created another alternative store. Samsung’s mobile console store only features games that are controller compatible, which makes finding games easier as currently the Play store doesn’t have a controller supported section.

Samsung hasn’t said much on pricing but hopefully it won’t cost as much as Logitech’s iPhone gamepad which comes in at £90.

KitGuru Says: Mobile gaming is starting to get a bit more serious and as a result, we need proper controls instead of on-screen buttons. Nobody wants to play Grand Theft Auto without a gamepad. Have any of you guys seen Nvidia’s Project Logan? It’s a Kepler based chip that renders comparable graphics to the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, meaning we could be getting more console quality games on our phones this time next year.

Source: Samsung

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