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Twin Galaxies website disappears, angers gamers

Twin Galaxies, the long time video game world record score keeper, has disappeared off of the face of the internet. The official site redirects you a “not found” page on the owners site, the Facebook hasn’t been updated in weeks and the Twitter has been quiet for over seven days. Understandably gamers are worried, but others are mad as they paid money to submit scores to a site and system that now no longer seems to exist.

They’ve been commenting on the official Facebook page (where the latest post from TG staff was 7th December), where some are demanding a response while others are simply stating that if TG doesn’t get its act together it will no longer be the official score page as others will surely take up the torch.

Trying to get to the TG homepage now gives you this dead end

Of course Twin Galaxies is hardly a popular destination. Despite being considered as the official video game score keepers (or least it was when it was under the founder and star of King of Kong, Walter Day) and a recent revamp of the site and services it offers, it’s not exactly a monster site, barely breaking into the top million in the world and only just about breaking 5,000 likes on Facebook. Similarly those complaining about its disappearance rank in single digits.

This is perhaps most curious though, because the organisation – owned by the 1up Arcade – just hosted its third annual Kong Off competition which has the world’s best Donkey Kong players competing head to head. It’s no League of Legends world championship final, but it’s a big deal in the world of retro gaming and drew its fair share of attention.

We’ve contacted some Twin Galaxies employees (current and ex) to see if we can find out what’s going on. I’ll update this if I hear anything  back.

KitGuru Says: It would sad if TG was down and out, though if it is, I bet it didn’t help that it started charging for score submissions earlier this year. 

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  1. The truth about where Twin Galaxies is, it was in the process of being rescued from oblivion and sold to Jace Hall when, out of the blue and all of a sudden Billy Mitchell and Walter Day decided to hold up the sale by claiming Pete Bouvier had no legal right to sell Twin Galaxies to Jourdan Adler of the 1Up a year ago although both Day and Mitchell supported the sale and even worked alongside Jourdan Adler to assist Bouvier to sell it to him and appeared at Adler’s events in support. On top of that claim, both Mitchell and Day also claim that money is owed to at least five individuals who Bouvier supposedly listed as beneficiaries although such a document has never appeared and it was never discussed until Jace Hall wanted to buy it. Rumor has it that upwards of $200,000 were promised by Bouvier to be split between five bogus beneficiaries of Twin Galaxies early days who haven’t been involved with Twin Galaxies in years or decades in some cases. It’s pretty messed up and is probably an attempt to screw the sale of Twin Galaxies and cause more problems for Adler and Knucklez, or a way they think they can scam some bucks off another mans table. Either way it’s despicable betrayal not only to Knucklez and Adler but to the entire staff of Twin Galaxies who got the shaft and who are more or less fired while Day and Mitchell fight for a Twin Galaxies they dumped down the shitter years ago and walked away from. No doubt in anyones mind that they would definitely ruin it again if they ever got their hands on it.Never seen anything more disgraceful than this in the history of Twin Galaxies. Even Bouvier wouldn’t have pulled such a scumbag move. Shame. I feel for Knucklez and Adler and the cool people who kept Twin Galaxies alive for a year through some hard times. They all got screwed. Nothing but respect for Knucklez, Adler and the last Twin Galaxies staff, the latter that worked their tails off especially the one writer they had who pretty much ran the place by herself better than anyone ever did before.

  2. SAy Wwhat!?!