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PlayStation Network outage is blocking access to games

The PlayStation Network is currently down, causing issues for players trying to access games and services across PS3, PS Vita, PS4 and PS5 consoles.  The issues began at around 12PM GMT. Currently, the PlayStation status page says “some services are experiencing issues” across all PlayStation platforms. Due to the outage, …

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Microsoft’s service-wide log-in issues should now be fixed

Update: Yesterday, we learned that many users across the world were having issues with Microsoft's account-based services, with customers unable to login to Xbox, Outlook, Office 365 and even Skype. At the time, we didn't have official acknowledgement from Microsoft on the wide-spread issue but today, the company finally got …

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BT internet outage hits customers and PlusNet users


An outage somewhere in BT's monstrous network has seen thousands of people unable to make it online this morning, also delivering the knock-on effect of having a similar problem with PlusNet users, who also reside on BT's network. Although the ISP has been attempting to fix the problem since early …

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More YouTubers are getting silently dropped from monetisation

Since Google's acquisition of it back in 2006, Youtube has always been a bit of an opaque organisation. Getting through to support has never been easy and often changes are made without much consultation with the content creators. Lately that lack of transparency is causing real problems for some video …

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BBC entire online presence is down

If you tried to visit BBC News, watch iPlayer or use any of the BBC's online services this morning, you will have found them surprisingly unresponsive. Since the early hours of the 31st, most of the BBC's online presence has been down, though the BBC News Facebook page has remained …

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Plusnet issues apology over customer DNS downing

If you're broadband is provided by Plusnet and you've been suffering from problematic internet connectivity over the past 24 hours, it's not your fault. The ISP has apologised for customers over a DNS issue that left many unable to access certain websites and online services, which forced some to use alternative …

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Facebook goes down, the world panics

Update: And it's back. That was fast, but I bet it cost the social network a pretty penny in ad revenue. Original Story: Facebook is down you guys. That means I can't read your comments pointing out my mistakes, which is a real killer first thing in the morning. Still, …

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Twin Galaxies website disappears, angers gamers

Twin Galaxies, the long time video game world record score keeper, has disappeared off of the face of the internet. The official site redirects you a “not found” page on the owners site, the Facebook hasn't been updated in weeks and the Twitter has been quiet for over seven days. …

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If Google goes down, how much web traffic is lost?

Google is one of those companies, that managed to turn its brand name into the generic term for what it does, like bandaids or iPods. It's  so embedded in our culture in-fact, that a lot of people don't even know there are alternatives. So it's no surprise that if Google …

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