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T-Mobile glitch steals credit from pay as you go customers

T-Mobile is in a bit of trouble with its UK customers today after a glitch wiped the credit off of many pay as you go customer accounts. Upon finding out that their credit had disappeared, an army of angry customers made their way to the EE customer support forums to find out what was going on, as well as have a little go at the company:

“I changed over from Vodafone to T-mobile exactly a week ago as I was topping up and buying their Freedom Freebee but it wasn’t being activated. £100 of credit over the space of 6 weeks later and awful customer service with no answers, just an address to send my complaint to. So I went and brought a T-mobile SIM. Wake up this morning and try and send a text, failed. Tried calling but obviously they don’t open till 8am so sat patiently and called again at 8. Have been calling since but as is the case with everyone else on here, I can’t get through. What is going on? I need my phone for work purposes and am having to use my house phone instead which costs a fortune.”

The problem seems to be related to ‘Smart Packs’: ” I am facing the same problem as yours. I bought a £10 SMART pack on Monday. Since Monday, I have only sent 2 text messages, made a short phone call (2 minutes) and used 25 MB, and this morning my SMART pack has gone and I cannot you my phone anymore.”


Eventually T-Mobile did acknowledge the problem and has confirmed that it will be restoring credit to those affected: “T-Mobile Pay As You Go customers have reported issues with adding and using their boosters.” A T-Mobile spokesperson said, ” We are in the process of deploying a fix which we expect to be implemented within the next two hours and apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

KitGuru Says: It would have been nice if the company explained exactly what went wrong, phone credit shouldn’t just be disappearing like that.

Source: The Inquirer, EE Forum

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