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3 Change UK Unlocking Policy

From today (Wednesday 11th April), customers wishing to unlock their device will now have to wait 30 days and ensure their first payment has been made to Three. Three will charge the customer £15.32 for unlocking their device. This can no longer be added to the customer’s bill and must now be paid by credit/debit card, before the code will be issued.

In order to get the code and make the payment, customers need to call Three Customer Services – it cannot be done in stores.

3 say: “In most cases, once the payment has been made we can give the unlock code to the customer straight away. Where that isn’t possible it may take 2-3 days to get the unlock code processed. Throughout the process we’ll text to advise when the code is ready, and if there’s a problem we will also text the customer to let them know when to expect the code.”

Kitguru says: Are you happy with the move?

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