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Google’s latest 3G royalty demand from Apple

Apple are facing many legal challenges lately from companies such as Google and Samsung. Fosspatents published an article yesterday which is very interesting.

They say “On Saturday, two days before an Apple v. Motorola Mobility may or may not commence, Apple brought a couple of motions to prevent the wholly-owned Google subsidiary from making certain arguments should the trial take place. At the very beginning of one of the motions, Apple formally “recognizes that the Court has not yet ruled on whether a trial will be held on its claims”.

Motorola are taking a new position on what the FRAND royalty rate should be for their cellular standard essential patents. Apple say “Motorola's first new theory is that 2.25% should be applied to the difference in price between an iPod Touch and the unsubsidized iPhone (without a carrier contract).”

The filing says that this would mean a royalty base between $400 and $450. Subsequently Motorola Mobility could charge Apple between $9 and $10.13 per iPhone for their wireless SEPs.

Apple are obviously fighting their claims, rejecting the view that they ‘receive $400 to $450 in value from cellular functionality'. They claim it is inconsistent with previous statements a Motorola expert said in a related case.

You can read more on this over here.

Kitguru says: Google are already using their Motorola Mobility takeover to target Apple aggressively. We all knew it would happen.

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