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Smartphone games market continues to thrive

Research firm Nielsen have just issued a new report showing that Gaming is the most popular category for mobile application downloads. An interesting statistic shows that 93% of application downloaders are willing to pay for a game.

They added “In contrast, only 76 percent of downloaders are willing to pay for news apps.” Many people already know that there are free applications for RSS feeds, so dedicated applications can sometimes take a back seat. They added “The average mobile gamer plays an average of 7.8 hours a month. Those with iPhones tend to play around 14.7 hours each month while those with Android smartphones play around 9.3 hours per month.”

Owners of BlackBerry handsets are more likely to play games that come preinstalled whereas iPhones, Windows Phone 7 and Android handset owners are more likely to download new titles to enjoy.

In the last month, 64% of people have downloaded a gaming application, 60% have downloaded a weather related program and 56% have downloaded a social networking application. 11% of users are interested in Educational applications.

Kitguru says: Smartphone gaming is one of the largest gaming markets.

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