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Verizon ditch $2 fee after raft of complaints

We reported yesterday that Verizon had planned to issue a $2 fee to customers who paid using their credit card. In a dramatic turn of events, they have reversed the decision after complaints from customers and criticism from the U.S. communications regulator.

The decision was reversed in the space of a single day, showing the public how much pressure they came under by announcing the $2 fee for transactions. It was set to roll into place on January 15th.

The Verizon Wireless online forums went crazy, as people complained and said they would be moving provider if the toll came into place. They tried the same payment structure in the past with FiOS TV and Internet service charges, as they tried to introduce a $3.50 fee for using a credit card. This decision was also reversed due to consumer complaints.

Verizon made a statement saying that they just wanted customers to pay their bills via different methods such as ‘autopay’, allowing Verizon to charge their credit card or bank account automatically each month during the billing cycle.

The Federal Communications Commission said it was ‘concerned’ about the fee and was looking into it. They issued a statement “On behalf of American consumers, we’re concerned about Verizon’s actions and are looking into the matter.”

Kitguru says: It appears they didn’t need to look into it very long as Verizon have seen the errors of the decision.

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