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LG hold production on Windows Phone to focus on Android

LG Electronics, one of the world's best known smartphone makers has apparently backed off from producing Windows Phone devices for the time being, focusing on Android Phones.

The Korea Herald reported that LG, who are based in Seoul, South Korea are going to back away from Windows Phone for a while, but will continue their research and development efforts on the Microsoft operating system.

LG are currently producing the Optimus 7 on Windows Phone but they have noted that Windows Phone 7 devices are currently holding less than 2% of the potential market.

An LG spokesperson spoke to the Korea Herald and said “The total unit[s] of Windows Phone sold in the global market is not a meaningful figure.”

This change in stance is a complete shift from the strategy LG adopted in 2009. They made Windows Phone their primary focus and had planned to make 26 new Windows Phones in 2012.

Analyst Ken Dulaney at Gartner said that that LG may be waiting on the next Windows Phone 8 platform to appear before jumping back into production. The failure of Windows Phone 7 so far is likely causing some concern for LG who aren't guaranteed strong sales.

LG are instead placing their resources into developing Android devices and will continue to try competing with Samsung.

Kitguru says: Microsoft are coming under criticism for their slow movement in the market, falling behind Google and Apple. Google are going to be releasing their Jelly Bean operating system soon, and Apple will be releasing their next generation of iPhones later this year.

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