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Samsung outperform Apple with smartphone sales

According to reports, Samsung have sold more smartphones than Apple in the July to September period. Samsung shipped 28 million smartphones, four times as many as this time last year. Apple say they shipped 17 million smartphones during this time period.

Samsung are said to be chasing Nokia as the biggest seller of phones, worldwide.

The telecom division of Samsung delivered half the firm's operating profit, accounting for 36 percent of revenue for the company. Smartphones are said to have accounted for 80% of the operating profit of the business, according to analysts.

While they are performing well in the smartphone sector, their chip sales fell, especially in the consumer market for home systems.

The company have said that they expect Q4 to be ‘solid' as demand for smartphones remain high and other consumer products will help overall margins. They are said to be on track to report their biggest annual net profit, even after last years $14.64 billion achievement.

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