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Barnes & Noble fight back against Microsoft: US Probe

Latest reports from the US news group Bloomberg show that tablet maker Barnes & Noble have asked U.S. regulators to investigate Microsoft as they seek to monopolise the mobile market demanding royalties on electronics running on Google's Android operating system.

Barnes & Noble said “Microsoft is embarking on a campaign of asserting trivial and outmoded patents against manufacturers of Android devices. Microsoft is attempting to raise its rivals’ costs in order to drive out competition and to deter innovation in mobile devices.”

Microsoft have accused Barnes & Noble of infringing on five patents and have filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington, asking them to stop importing Nook readers. Barnes & Noble are fighting back and have made four letters public, as well as a presentation to the Justice Department in a filing made yesterday.

Microsoft are claiming that they own patented inventions that are used in the Android Operating system and have already closed licensing deals with HTC Corp and Samsung Electronics, who make Android devices. Some sources are claiming that Microsoft are making more money from these licensing agreements than they are from their own sales of Windows 7 Phone devices.

Microsoft said “All modern operating systems include many patented technologies. Microsoft has taken licenses to patents for Windows and we make our patents available on reasonable terms for other operating systems, like Android. We would be pleased to extend a license to Barnes & Noble.”

Kitguru says: Barnes & Noble have a healthy business, selling $880 million work of Nook readers in 2011 and has expected their sales projections to double over the coming year.

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