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Samsung claim 10 million Galaxy S II Phones sold

Samsung have been under fire lately for possibly ‘exaggerating' their figures, and Lenovo's boss recently said “they are trying to buy share from market leader Apple.”

It seems they are having no such a problem with their Galaxy S II Phones, as they claim to have sold 10 million units globally to this point.

The sales of this phone continue to grow as it doubled to 10 million in eight week according to a email statement they sent via their public relations agency today.

Reviews of the phone have been very positive, with TrustedReviews saying “The Samsung Galaxy S II is clearly the smartphone of choice for those who simply want the most power. Its 1.2GHz dual core processor and bold-and-brash 4.3in screen really combine well to create a truly captivating, fast and eye-popping smartphone experience, especially if you like watching video on the move.”

Pocket Lint said “As it is, the Samsung Galaxy S is a welcome addition to the superphone category, proving to be a great multimedia handset that can only get better with updates. There is some space for software improvements from the review sample we tested, but as it is, the Galaxy S is a fantastic device to use.”

TechRadar had this to say “If the Apple iPhone is the ‘Jesus Phone' as many fanboys suggest, the Samsung Galaxy S is definitely one of the disciples. But that's at the very least. It could very well be the second coming of an already top-end phone.”

Kitguru says: A very big seller in many countries.

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