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Kindle ‘Fire’ makes debut tomorrow

The Amazon Tablet is one of the most talked about devices this month, and we have reported on the release on Kitguru in the last couple of weeks. TechCrunch have been playing with the product already and have some information posted on their site.

The new tablet will be called the ‘Kindle Fire' and it will be showcased tomorrow at an event held by the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. It features a 7 inch screen which is identical in size to the unsuccessful BlackBerry Playbook.

Amazon will be using a customised version of Android 2.1 and the device will focus around the excellent Amazon App Store. Amazon have apparently been working hard with partners to ensure that a lot of media will be available, such as media streaming.

Pricing should be around the $250 mark, and we hear rumours that customers can spend a little extra to get an Amazon Prime membership with the deal. Shipping is said to be mid November, although this can change.

Kitguru says: A capable opponent to the Apple iPad? It will be much cheaper and will have the full backing of the excellent Amazon App Store. Already a good start.

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