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Amazon planning a tablet launch later in 2012

Amazon have experienced a high level of success with the Kindle Fire in America, achieving strong sales in the budget sector of the tablet market. The latest news indicates that they are preparing to launch at least two more tablet computers later this year. Digitimes have said that the number …

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Kindle ‘Fire’ makes debut tomorrow

The Amazon Tablet is one of the most talked about devices this month, and we have reported on the release on Kitguru in the last couple of weeks. TechCrunch have been playing with the product already and have some information posted on their site. The new tablet will be called …

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Amazon set to release low cost tablet for end of year sales

Challenging the iPad hasn't been easy. Many well known companies have tried, and failed. The Motorola Xoom is a great tablet, but sales haven't been phenomenal. Other products such as the BlackBerry Playbook have failed to excite the public. The HP Touchpad was a complete flop, dying before it even …

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Amazon marked for tablet success

Kitguru has written many articles now on the upcoming tablet release from etail giant Amazon. We have predicted that while they won't be able to overthrow Apple as the market leader, that they should be able to shift quite a few units and take second place. It appears that analyst …

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Amazon to take on iPad by October

Kitguru has reported before that Amazon are set to take on the Apple iPad, after the success of their Kindle E-Reader, but the Wall Street Journal has new information on the subject which would indicate that an October release is possible. Taking on the iPad is proving a tall order, …

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The upcoming Amazon tablet: will it be enough?

KitGuru reported a few weeks ago that Amazon had planned to release a tablet to target the same market as Apple's iPad. In all honesty, this is a daunting challenge for any tablet maker as Apple are dominating the sector with a ruthless efficiency. Contacts in Taipei have spoken to …

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