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Amazon to take on iPad by October

Kitguru has reported before that Amazon are set to take on the Apple iPad, after the success of their Kindle E-Reader, but the Wall Street Journal has new information on the subject which would indicate that an October release is possible.

Taking on the iPad is proving a tall order, with many businesses struggling to generate viable sales in a market which is dominated by Apple. Many believe that if anyone can do it, Amazon will be the company.

Apple and Amazon are already bickering over the ‘App Store' trademark, with Apple attempting an injunction to stop Amazon from using the term, saying that it will confuse consumers. So far Apple haven't had much success, but the battle rages on.

Kindle Reader: The ereader has seen incredible sales. Amazon's next target is the iPad

Sarah Rotman Epps, a Forrester Research Analyst made an interesting statement on the matter saying “Amazon and Apple are frenemies”, meaning while they compete aggressively they also rely on each other as partners. Amazon for instance offer their Kindle application in the Apple iTunes store.

Apple have sold well over 20 million iPads to date and they dominate the market. If Amazon can come up with a tablet to challenge, they certainly have the infrastructure and user base to make it profitable. The only concern is that they have made their money in the e-reader market, by selling the hardware to support electronic books, therefore we would assume that many users solely interested in books won't want to switch to LCD technology.

Kitguru says: It will be a daring move from Amazon, logical to many, but in reality, targeting a completely different market.

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