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Android 3.2 to hit Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom users will be pleased to hear that Honeycomb 3.2 will be released soon for tablet. A Motorola representative spoke to CNET and said “Google has started rolling out Android 3.2, in phases, to Motorola Xoom users”.

The update is going to offer a new viewing mode will will be tagged as ‘zoom to fill', and it will enable SD card slot support also. Motorola will be the first company to get this update, which is positive news for Xoom owners.

The Android developers blog gives more information on this, which makes for good reading.

“When the user enables this new screen compatibility mode, the system no longer resizes your layout to fit the screen. Instead, it runs your app in an emulated normal/mdpi screen (approximately 320dp x 480dp) and scales that up to fill the screen—imagine viewing your app at the size of a phone screen then zooming in about 200%. The effect is that everything is bigger, but also more pixelated, because the system does not resize your layout or use your alternative resources for the current device (the system uses all resources for a normal/mdpi device).

In cases where an app does not properly resize for larger screens, this screen compatibility mode can improve the app’s usability by emulating the app’s phone-style look, but zoomed in to fill the screen on a tablet.”

Other tablets get improvements, including 7 inch designs. Other optimisations and tweaks are on the way, according to reports.

Kitguru says: Xoom users should be happy to get this roll out as it offers real world benefits for everyday tasks.

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