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Samsung shift focus to Windows platform

Samsung have showcased their new product range for the second half of 2012 at a tradeshow in Berlin, Germany last night.

The company have been hit hard recently by Apple, being forced to pay them more than $1 billion in damages for ‘infringing’ on their designs. The shift for Samsung to Windows devices is not surprising and is exactly what Microsoft would want.

Samsung have unveiled the ATIV range of products which include a 10.1 inch tablet device running on Windows RT and a 4.8 inch smartphone using Windows Phone 8. These new products will be released later this year but the company haven’t released specific launch dates or pricing.

Samsung have focused almost completely on Android devices to gain traction in the mobile market but the verdict against them has highlighted some concerns with future product development.

Samsung issued a statement which read “we are committed to offering more choices based on the Windows 8 platform for consumers.”

While the move to Windows will protect Samsung against further Apple claims, analysts are unsure if they will grow more market share with Windows mobile operating systems. Sales for Windows phones are disappointing as Microsoft fail in their battle against Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Earlier this week Apple have filed a motion to ban 8 Samsung smartphones from the US Market. To this point Samsung have acquired more than $3 billion in sales since they came to market last year.

Kitguru says: A shift in market development for Samsung. Which makes sense considering the costly legal battles with Apple so far.

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