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Windows Phone 7.5 to be showcased later today

Microsoft are due to showcase a major upgrade to Windows Phone 7 later today. The new release, called ‘7.5' will have improved features, such as web browsing and will also feature updated Microsoft Office support. There are also updates to deliver better gaming options.

Latest rumours indicate that the latest update will have turn by turn navigation, visual voicemail, improved voice support and automatic FaceBook check ins. Only the last of these upgrades would be something not already available on Google or Apple operating systems, either free as default, or with an external application. Microsoft are still playing catchup.

Sources claim that there might be WiFi tethering available to allow users to share the phones connection with other devices. While this seems a very late addition, Microsoft have stated before that they had no plans to add it into the user interface.

So far Microsoft are struggling to make even a small dent in a marketplace dominated by Google and Apple devices. Google recently reported that 100 million Android devices have been activated and Apple have an equally strong user base. Microsoft don't seem to want to release detailed information in recent months, indicating that sales are not as positive as they had hoped. The recent deal with Nokia might very well improve their future plans however.

KitGuru says: Analysts claim that Microsoft have shipped 1.5 million phones, but that 900,000 still remain unsold.

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