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HTC responds to One S chipped ceramic coating issues

One of the main features HTC pointed out to us all on their new black-coloured One S smartphone is its unique design process used in creating the phone’s body. The micro-arc oxidation process involves running 10,000 volts or energy across aircraft-grade aluminum, creating a ceramic like finish. A finish, according to HTC’s claims, that makes it three times stronger than stainless steel and completly eliminates the need for a case.

Some owners of the black HTC One S have experienced chipping issues

Well the HTC One S has now been in users’ hands for well over a week now and some owners of the black version have been reporting that the ceramic coating has been chipping away for no apparent reason. Owners of the grey version of the One S are left unaffected as it uses anodized aluminum instead.

HTC has since issued a statement saying that they take “quality very seriously and are providing all customers with an immediate fix and we are implementing some small changes to ensure customers do not experience this issue in the future.” This immediate fix is to return the phone to the shop you bought it from within the DOA period. Looking past the typical 30 day term, HTC are happy to replace it under the standard warranty.

Kitguru says: Have you purchased a HTC One S, if so are you experiencing any of the chipping issues other users are reporting?

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