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The new Samsung Galaxy smartphone will make you stand out

Earlier this morning we reported that Samsung was going to tease their next Galaxy smartphone at midday today. As midday hit the website crashed (surprise, surprise) but The Verge is reporting that the big surprise is a minute long teaser video that reveals very little. The video (below) basically confirms that it is a smartphone, if there was ever any doubt, and that Samsung thinks it will be amazing.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NnVU8R6mAU#!’]

Samsung also reckons that “you can now stand out from everyone else”, if you purchase their new phone, but with a smartphone that will no doubt sell by the millions, this probably won’t be the case. Especially considering how many Galaxy S IIs I see on a daily basis. Added in for attempted humour is a short clip of a flock of sheep, an obvious stab at generation iSheep.

Samsung’s next generation smartphone will “fit perfectly into your hand” and is due to be unveiled at a Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in London on the 3rd of May. More information is meant to be available at TheNextGalaxy.com, but due to overwhelming traffic the site is currently down.

KitGuru says: While the teaser is undoubtedly not quite what we were hoping for, the phone itself will be the one doing the talking at the end of the day.

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