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Amazon Kindle being bought by iPad owners

When the iPad was launched, and we found out the sales figures many analysts thought that it would be the death of other tablets, such as the Amazon Kindle. This has not been the case as Amazon have said that iPad owners are buying the Kindle, just for books.

Amazon have said that the Kindle has been the best selling product in the 15 years that the online retailers has been open for business. The latest sales figures have yet to be released, but they have said that the third generation Kindle has surpassed the sales of the previous leader ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows', book seven in the JK Rowling series.

Amazon also pointed out the fact that many buyers already have a tablet computer which they are using for games, movies and surfing. The Kindle is such a strong device that people buy it just for reading books. Amazon said that buyers like the long battery life of a month, the inexpensive price point and the E ink digital paper display which is very easy on the eyes and can be read in direct sunlight (not something you have to worry about in the UK for many many months).

ChangeWave Research however gives a slightly different view on Amazon's statement. From August 1st to November the 8th the Kindles share of the ereader market fell 15 percent to 47 percent of the market while the iPad share rose 16 percent to 32 percent.

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