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Tablets killing PC and portable media player sales: latest report

Almost everyone knows that Tablet computers are killing PC sales, but the latest report from Nielsen highlights a damning overview of how many other devices are also being affected.

Nielsen have also researched why people are moving to tablets and what they are using them for. Their results indicate that tablets are being used not only as notebook and netbook replacements, but also to replace even portable media players and gaming systems.

Nielsen asked a lot of questions, asking tablet owners if they had changed the way they use other ‘connected devices'. A whopping 35 percent of tablet owners said they are using a desktop computer less since moving to a tablet, and 32 percent said they are using their notebook less often also since buying a tablet. 27 percent of new owners also claim that their portable media player and e-reader are starting to gather dust and even portable gaming machines are being used less, with 25 percent claiming their tablet covers their needs.

When asked ‘why do you use a tablet?' 31 percent said they liked the portability and 21 percent said ease of use. 15 percent quoted the fast startup and shutdown times as being a bonus. Only 17 percent said the light weight was a main selling point over a conventional computer and 12 percent said size was a reason they preferred a tablet.

43 percent of people also said that they shared a tablet with other people in the household indicating a more casual demand for browsing and general duties, rather than for holding sensitive data.

No shock, but Apple iPad came out top in the survey with 39 percent owning a Wi-Fi Edition and 43 percent owning a Wi-Fi and 3G model. The Samsung Galaxy tab had four percent of the ownership with the Dell Streak weighing in at 3 percent. The Motorola Zoom put in a poor showing with only 2 percent of the people questioned owning one.

KitGuru says: Instant on and off and user friendly interface are two of the main selling points. Have Apple hit the nail on the head? it would seem so.

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