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Amazon aim to release colour Kindle Q2/Q3

Rumors are circulating that Amazon are planning to release a color Kindle within the next couple of months. The Kindle has been a big seller for the online giant superstore, with the group claiming it is actually their biggest selling product ever.

The Kindle has had little competition in the reading sector, with other companies struggling to get market share. The release of a color Kindle could actually cause some problems for Apple, if Amazon do it right. There is very little need for a color tablet just for reading books, so there is a good chance the software on the upcoming tablet will have a fully blown, capable browser, and even email support. Our guy in the Far East Yong Lei has said that local suppliers have taken huge orders for touch panels and other components to build a color handheld tablet.

Quanta are being brought in to assemble the units, with colour touch panels from E Ink Holdings featuring Fringe Field Switching (FFS) LCD technology. Quanta are ideally capable of pushing Amazon into the tablet market, as they are already building handhelds and computers for Sony and Research in Motion.

Many people should be holding fire on purchasing a new Kindle, until the rumor is either dismissed or verified, but we feel it won't be long before Amazon announce the upcoming product, possibly later this month or June. From our point of view it will be interesting to see how they enhance the current version, as many people have already commented that there is no need for a color capable panel for reading novels. With the obvious exception being high color,. interactive books for kids.

KitGuru says: Amazon have always kept the pricing very low on the Kindle, but the price will rise with color panel technology. No doubt about it.

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