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Microsoft slashes US Surface tablet pricing

Update: Eagle eyed reader Martyn Hall has furnished us with a link to better UK pricing. Don't go direct if you want one of these, as Curry's looks to have slashed the pricing on its Surface stock too. Get it here for under £280.

Microsoft has shown favouritism to our American cousins once again, dropping the price of its Surface RT tablet by as much as 30 per cent and bringing in line that far too common price comparison, where the dollar and pound sterling price of the hardware is about the same.

With the new price reduction, US tablet buyers can expect to pick up the entry level version of the Surface, for just $349. Comparatively, the British version of Microsoft's store has the 32GB version for £399. If you did a direct price conversion, we're paying just over $600 for the same  piece of kit.

Pricing we can only dream of…

Go up to the more expensive ones and it's just as bad. The 64GB version in the US is now $449 and you can get a black cover for the same price.

However if you want to go to the top of the top end, the Surface Tablet Pro, with 128GB of onboard storage, you'll be paying $999 in the US. Over here though? £800. That's the equivalent of over $1200.

Some (like DT) are speculating that the reason for Microsoft's recent spate of price cuts and free giveaways of the hardware, could mean that a new version isn't too far off.

KitGuru Says: The pleasures of VAT and import tax. Great eh?

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