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Tesco manages to sell 35,000 tablets in two days

Last week, Tesco, decided to go ahead and further saturate the budget Android tablet market by introducing its new device ‘Hudl'. Against all odds, it seems to be selling well too, with “The Hudl” shifting 35,000 units in just two days.

Comparing this to Ipad sales makes it seem minuscule but for a device that was released out of the blue, coupled with the fact that it was developed by the same supermarket that sold horse meat, the amount it has actually managed to offload is pretty amazing. The sales have even exceeded expectations at Tesco HQ, leading supermarket executive, Jennifer Creevy, to tweet that the devices may be in short supply next week.

The CPU and GPU are sluggish, the camera is bad and the reviews aren't amazing, but it seems Tesco has won people over with its pricing for the device. Chances are the people buying this haven't even heard of the Nexus 7, which should be considered the pinnacle of price to performance in the budget tablet market at the moment.

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KitGuru Says: I really hope this doesn't become a thing. We don't need an already over saturated market to become worse. Supermarket electronics are aimed at people on a budget, but also those ignorant of more impressive products that offer better value for money. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but don't go for convenience when buying your electronics people. 

Source: Fudzilla

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