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Microsoft contemplate releasing Windows 8 tablet PC

Microsoft are said to be debating internally whether they should release a self branded Windows 8 tablet, for release in 2012. Microsoft representatives have not confirmed the rumor but sources close to Texas Instruments say they are involved in the joint design of an upcoming tablet.

Apple are currently dominating the tablet market, with a huge percentage of overall sales and Google are marketing their operating system directly to OEM’s, trying to chip away at the market shares. Microsoft have not yet had much success with self branded products, apart from the Xbox and Xbox 360 which have been a steady stream of revenue for the company. Their TV range, Zune media player and Kin smartphone have been less than stellar sellers.

Microsoft CEO Ballmer, sizing up the competition

Microsoft will continue to push their IDP plans for Windows 8, but the potential release of an own brand tablet would be big news in the industry, if accurate. Many potential tablet partners for Windows 8 might not find this prospect very appealing however.

KitGuru says: Would you buy a Microsoft branded Tablet running Windows 8 if the price was right?

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