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Tablet PCs will not ship by volume until 2011, sources tell Kitguru

While many companies are preparing new Tablet PC's to compete with Apple's iPad the latest reports from Taipei show that volume shipments are not likely to hit the market until 2011.

If you read any tech press this month it is hard to escape the news on upcoming Tablet computers from companies such as Research in Motion, Asus, Samsung, Sony and Sharp. All of these companies are trying their damnest to get a slice of the iPad pie, because when it was released months ago no one expected it would generate over 3 million sales in such a short space of time.

The only problem is that mass production and shipping is going to take until 2011. This is part due to the low yields in lamination of medium size touchpanels, a fact verified recently by Lin Sheng Chang, the president of Chungwha Picture Tubes (CPT).

Products such as this from Blackberry might take some time getting to mass market

CPT are currently producing 3 million touch panels a month with the majority of the generated panels being shipped out to first tier partners. Lin has also told the press recently that CPT are expected to complete transfer of 70% of the production capacity at its 4.5G line in northern Taiwan to producing touch sensors for capacitive touch panels in Q1 2011.

Let us not forget the excellent Google Android, as this software package is giving many leading companies a perfect, low cost entry into this profitable marketplace. Some manufacturers believe that smaller screens will sell more, prompted by recent information that Apple are already working on a 7 inch iPad. Whether you hate or love Apple, they really do seem to be driving other companies into new sectors.

Sources close to KitGuru in Taipei have said that it is going to be some time before many companies can bring their tablets to mass production in Europe and USA due to the incredible demand and low yields in the run up to Christmas.

KitGuru says: Apple have a good head start and this is proving paramount to their sales right now. 2011 will prove to be a much tougher climate for the Cupertino powerhouse.

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