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Dell Streak released with little fanfare

Dell have released their new ‘Streak' in the USA but what has surprised KitGuru is the total lack of hype around what many would consider a very unusual and appealing product.

Press reaction to the Streak has been lukewarm and many reviewers (myself included) are confused as to why Dell didn't just opt for a full iPad clone rather than go for a hyrid looking device. Its too big for a phone and its too small for a tablet. We aren't sure Dell even knows what it should be. We do like the design however, its sexy.

Why the lack of Fanfare from Dell? We don't know, it would appear they aren't sure how to market it. We have seen no ads online, no television adverts and very little company promotion on any level. This means that the general public … those people who don't read tech sites like KitGuru daily, might not even know its available.

Pricing also seems a little off the mark because if you want the device it is going to cost $299 (with a contract) in America via AT&T. It is however not being sold in ‘physical' stores so yet again, shoppers will probably not even know it is for sale. If you want it, you need to go to Dell.com and order directly online. Without a contract its going to cost $549, which means it costs more than the entry level iPad. As much as we admire Dell for trying something new, we are not sure there is a market for this – but perhaps we are wrong and need to see one ‘in the flesh'.

KitGuru says: Are you buying one, do you think it looks great? Share your views.

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