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Dual screen ‘Echo’ android smartphone unveiled

Sprint Nextel Corp yesterday unveiled a new smart phone with a dual screen system, which are stacked on top of the other. The top screen slides out and can be snapped into place so that the two are side by side, product screen space to rival a tablet computer.

The Kyocera Echo by Sprint and Kyocera, the first dual-touchscreen smartphone

The phone, called the Echo is created by Japanese manufacturer Kyocera Corp and has screens that are each equivalent to the iPhone display. When they are combined together into one ‘real estate’ however, they offer much more room for typing emails, playing games and even watching videos, even if there is a thin strip of material between them. When combined, the area is almost the size of the iPad.

Users wont be forced to use two screens, they can have one screen active for more mobile situations. Applications can be coded to use both screens, such as Youtube videos or Google maps. They have also incorporated a system which allows both screens to handle specific tasks within certain applications. Email for instance can offer a keyboard on one screen with the program running on another for convenience. The same principle can apply for games, with the control interface showing on the second screen.

The Echo runs on Google’s Android Operating system software, so we can be sure of a stable, feature rich platform.

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