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Nokia to live or die by Windows Phone platform

Nokia have had a tough year, facing stiff competition from Android and iOS smartphones. Their future success rides on the partnership with Microsoft which caused some concern for followers of the company when it was announced.

According to information from sources, they are due to release a new range of phones later this week based around the Windows 7 Phone platform. It will start tomorrow in London at the Nokia World event. CEO (and ex Microsoft executive) Stephen Elop is due to deliver the keynote speech which will detail the future plans for Nokia and to showcase possibly a handful of new smartphones to the gathered press.

Analysts say that the success of this launch, and the sales of Windows handset is integral to the future of Nokia. Nokia used to be a major player in the smartphone market and they are placing all their faith in the Windows platform driving forward – a risky move for the company. In 2009 they held 40% of the global smartphone market and this had dropped to 16% by Q2 this year.

The company spoke with analysts last week and said it will launch the new range of phones to a few markets at first, expanding slowly into 2012. Elop said “We’re very pleased with the degree of operator support, with the early signs of commitment and all of those other factors, But we are being very deliberate in the sequence in which we roll things out because it is a significant shift for the organization in how we sell, how we manufacture all of those different elements.”

Analysts say that the new range won't be a quick ‘fix' for Nokia, but the sales will determine the future of the company. The Windows smartphone platform has yet to prove itself however, making only a minor wave in the market. The competition in 2011 is extremely intense, with Apple iOS and Google's Android leading the way.

Kitguru says: We do hope that Nokia can make a success out of their Windows Phone range, but it won't be easy for the Finnish phone giant.

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