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ICY BOX External 2.5″ HDD USB 3.0 Enclosure Review

The product itself is plain and without unnecessary frills. The corners however are nicely rounded, and overall it looks good.

While it may be quite hard to see, ICY BOX has its logo on the bottom of the device, but this doesn’t exactly stand-out.

The top of the enclosure features the USB 3.0 connector, and there is also a blue LED fitted into the top to show power and data activity.

The other sides of the enclosure are much the same and it certainly doesn’t have any distinguishing features.

The back of the device features two small screw-holes at the top, and the barcode and serial number at the bottom of the device.

Opening up the device we see the PCB at the top of the enclosure.

This is a standard SATA device, and there is a tiny LED in the middle of the PCB board.

To install a 2.5″ drive it is just a case of sliding it into place and then screwing the top of the enclosure on, which holds the hard drive securely in place.

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