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Integrated hard drive caddies. Useful. Honestly.

We’ve all got too many disks with too much data in too many places. We’re always promising ourselves that we’ll tidy up. Consolidate. Get everything organised. But how many of us actually do?

Moving gigabytes of data across a network is time consuming. Thermaltake has a handy answer for your next build.

Next time you’re bored, put a couple of PCs on your wireless home network and see how long it takes to move just 5GB of photos. Far too long. Drive caddies are all well and good, but it just means more cables trailing across your work/play/sleep space. Many systems have card readers, so why not a disk reader?

Thermaltake top loading hard drive caddy
Thermaltake's integrated hard drive caddy

KitGuru says: Not sure this will catch on with every manufacturer, but with hard drives becoming more and more prevalent at the same time that more and more of us are working in multiple locations – there does seem to be a case for integrating a caddy in the chassis. Especially if there is little/no price penalty.

Is this feature really as useful as KitGuru believes? Are there any drives lying around out there without a home? Let us know in the KitGuru forums.

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