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Best TV theme tune ever?

As a kid growing up in the UK, you were limited to less than a handful of TV channels. As a nation, we developed a strong part of our national identity sitting glued to the box from Friday night to Sunday evening. KitGuru eats some cheese from behind the oven and flashes back to the best tunes ever. Listen to these classics again and then vote for your favourite in our new poll!


Even in KitGuru’s ripe old age, watching this programme fills us with a need to own a GMC van that works in gallons per mile.

Wish they’d still used Mr T for the remake this summer. Bring back the days when Hannibal was the leader of a crack force rather than a culinary cannibal!


It takes a good 20 seconds to get into full swing …

…but who can forget Victoria Principal vs Linda Grey in the ‘Who would you climb over to get to’ arguments?

Doctor Who

Watching this is like seeing a history of special effects through the ages.

Thought to be one of the first ‘synthesiser classics’, it actually uses a lot of pretty regular instruments that have been recorded and processed in bizarre ways.

Hawaii 5-0

Hollywood is bringing this back from the grave and re-shooting it for the 21st century as we type.

Now a whole new generation of kids will scream at referees “Book him Dann-o!”. You can also see some famous name DJ being selected to remix this hooj chune.

Match of the Day

First broadcast in 1964, for several decades this was the number one Football programme on the box.

Even though it has been completely overtaken by Sky Sports, the 15-note intro still makes grown males rush to the sofa on a Saturday night. Starts 26 seconds in. Be patient.

The Professionals

Britain’s answer to America’s weak-arsed Starsky and Hutch ‘will they won't they' action.

Hard as nails, ever ready with clichéd one liners, the boys from Ci5 were often rumored to share more than the driver’s seat together, but we’ll remember then as the silent guardians of national security. You know, before we had David Cameron to do it.

Star Trek

OK, let’s all agree that there are several options here and every KitGuru out there will have their own personal favourite.


However, play this version to anyone with a TV and a heartbeat and they’ll immediately set phasers to stun and shields to maximum.


“They’re doing 90 cos they got the word to go, they catch a gang of villains in a shed up at Heathrow”.

Regan and Carter also got to drive the Granada 2.8i GLX Deluxe car (ultimate KitGuru wagon?) and break down doors with this tune in the background.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

We were all ready to launch missiles on Russia and defend the planet against invading aliens with the flying submarine.


Damn, why did NASA never get around to designing that ultimate statement of KitGuru joy!

KtGuru says:  They REALLY don't make them like they used to. Is it because we're all now 110% geared around celebrity or is it that all the good tunes have been written?

Tell us which tunes we missed here in the KitGuru forum and be sure to vote for your favourite via our front page poll system today.

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