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KitGuru’s Product Scoring System and Awards

Many of  you read the website on a regular basis and you may have noticed the awards and scores we give out within product reviews, perhaps without complete understanding of the scoring system we have in place. It's also worth pointing out that award logos have been updated for 2018 and onwards.

KitGuru was originally established to offer buying advice on a wide range of technology components and gadgets. Using decades of experience, in-depth testing and analysis, we have always fought hard to let you know which products are worth investing in and which should be avoided.

In a nutshell, products fall into 3 categories and are scored out of 10:-

Clearly the best product in its class. Something that stands out in many ways. Exceptional and innovative, these products perform near the limit of what's possible. If you buy this product, you have bought some serious bragging rights and no mistake. Products which are awarded our MUST HAVE, score at least 9 points. This award has not been handed out too often in 2018 and hereafter.

Life is about making compromise. It's also about personal choice. Products which excel in a number of areas are products which KitGuru believes are worth buying. Products with this award might not be the pants-down-best-you've-ever-seen, but they are close and you should be proud of your choice. For a product to win this award, the score must be between 8 and 8.5 points.

How do you assess a product which has a number of challenges, but can almost lead the market in 1 or 2 very specific areas? A product that wins this award is very good, but perhaps has a few weaknesses or problems. Some of these problems might actually not be a problem for you, but we need to point it out.

KitGuru likes balance. Products which we classify as Worth Considering should only be purchased if your needs match 100% the features being offered. Scoring 7 to 7.5 points gets you into this category.


Companies are aware that we will find issues with their products, from power supplies to gaming chairs. Therefore we tend to be sampled only the best of gear in recent years.

We use our intelligence and try to avoid wasting your time, and ours, by reviewing products that no one should buy anyway. If a product has NOT been reviewed by KitGuru, then there is a clear indication there is a reason why.

We don't intend to publish 500 reviews of products that you should avoid. That's just plain silly and a total waste of everyone's time.

KitGuru aims to comb the market, find products that should be considered, and then we rate then – scientifically and in great detail – to let you know if we think its worth the price being asked. This is why you are here, read any of our reviews from storage devices to power supplies and you will see we offer a lot of detail. Not just two paragraphs, a photograph and a conclusion. That's just wrong.

KitGuru says: We hope our buying advice, has, and will help you to purchase the best gear on the market. If you think we need to look at something we missed, be sure to contact zardon(at)kitguru.net and let us know.

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  1. Yeah I always like reading the reviews here as I know the product is going to be above average at least. some products like hard drive coolers and crap like that I r eally dont want to waste time with.

  2. I like the scoring system here, its simple and works well. no complicated stuff. clean and precise.