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IO Interactive reveals why Hitman 2 is ditching the episodic format

Alongside its announcement of Hitman 2, IO Interactive revealed that it would be returning to a more traditional full release instead of the episodic format it experimented on with its predecessor. This is all a part of the developer’s long-term plans to not rely on the “trendy bubble” of games-as-a-service, and better serve the player.

IO Interactive’s Sven Liebold told GamesIndustry.biz that the decision was actually made without the bigwigs getting involved, initially acting as a compromise to prioritise the wants of the developers. While “a lot of people were very happy with the episodic format,” not everyone was so keen on the move. Going back to its tried and tested model means that those that were previously unhappy will find solace in the full release, while the rest can focus on post-launch DLC to keep players coming back.

That doesn’t mean that the developer isn’t willing to take chances, as IO Interactive is building on the introduction of co-op elements. “Co-op is one of the first baby steps into multiplayer territory, and people have been asking for this for a long time,” explains Liebold. “We really want to make it count and make it good. It's not really fun throwing 12 [Agent] 47s into a level and having everyone kill each other.”

We already know that contracts, elusive targets and escalation will be returning for the sequel, but players who own Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 will be able to play a remastered version of the former’s locations within the upcoming sequel. This is a plan that IO Interactive hopes to continue, as Liebold mentions the possibility of a “a Hitman 3, and a Hitman 4 as well” appearing within the same timeline. “In a couple of years you may be able to play a game that goes to over 20 locations. And that's super exciting for us.”

IO Interactive will be releasing Hitman 2 on November 13, 2018 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

KitGuru Says: I can imagine the co-op will be fun, giving players the option to coordinate or even race to the finish under a certain rule set. Perhaps it’s the first to eliminate the target without using disguises, or not getting caught. Either way, IO Interactive is certainly playing to its strong suit, replayability. Are you excited for Hitman 2?

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