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KitGuru Annual Awards 2014

We love this industry and the logic behind that love is quite simple. Billions are spent on R&D each year – much of which goes toward making games run quicker and film/video stream quicker/smoother than ever before. In other words, thousands of scientists around the world are working toward one …

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KitGuru Annual Awards 2013

Every year, KitGuru considers hundreds of products and puts the best into the KitGuru Labs for testing. While you may tend to see things in terms of conclusions and awards, we actually have a pretty sophisticated scoring system on the backend, that allow us to rank everything we have seen. …

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Why do so many products score well on KitGuru?

KitGuru is all about the audience. We not only want to report on the latest/greatest technology for you, we also listen carefully to what you ask us. We constantly run polls and trawl through our forums to see what you are really interested in. We then use our skill and …

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