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KitGuru Annual Awards 2013

Every year, KitGuru considers hundreds of products and puts the best into the KitGuru Labs for testing. While you may tend to see things in terms of conclusions and awards, we actually have a pretty sophisticated scoring system on the backend, that allow us to rank everything we have seen. Now it's time for the best of the best to be recognised in the KitGuru Annual Awards 2013!

Well, another year has passed and what a year it has been!

2013 will go down as the year when:-

  • America's spy secrets were laid bare by Snowden – including its desire to eavesdrop on the phone calls of friendly prime ministers.
  • BitCoin‘s totally made up currency boomed from just over $13 to around $1,000 (despite China saying that it is not interested).
  • Facebook overcame the huge slump in share price that followed its IPO, by monitising just about everything and sending the (newly IPO-ed) Twittersphere into apoplexy because advertising and promoting products now cost money on the Zuckerberg platform.
  • As Apple stretched the legacy of Steve Jobs to the iPhone 5c and 5s, Samsung finalised work on its ‘5' series – with the possible inclusion of a Quad HD screen – while Blackberry withered and died like old fruit on a vine.
  • 4K is becoming a reality – just as the newly updated gaming consoles arrived to do battle for the next 6 years – leaving many to question whether Sony and Microsoft had packed enough power into their new boxes.
  • Microsoft was forced to back-track on the Start button for its Windows 8 OS – which has been largely shunned by the PC community.

Specifically in the arena that KitGuru pits gladiator against gladiator, we saw graphics power increase substantially, while desktop processors maintained a kind of ‘year on year balance' that you don't often see in the world of the PC.

Checking any of the high street electronic stores, you will notice that the rest of the world has finally caught up with KitGuru's readers – and Solid State Drives are now (almost) standard on around half the laptops and desktop systems you will see.

An interesting year, tempered by flat sales news from IDC and Gartner – yet buoyed by news from Job Peddie Research that gaming is due for a 3-year boost in sales.

All very interesting, but let's have a quick look at KitGuru's numbers for 2013:-

  • With social networking integrated tightly into everything we do, it was good to see KitGuru become the first of the UK's independent technology sites to pass the 100,000 mark on Facebook – and we're now past 150,000 – so a big thank you for liking our page.
  • In the ~4 years since KitGuru first put electronic pen to paper, our team of writers has produced 9,500 articles.
  • Overall, KitGuru's servers have managed to issue 80 million pages – all thanks to the excellent technical team down at Multiplay.
  • One story in particular caused a spike so large, that we initially thought we were under DoS attack – but Multiplay's backbone happily dealt with just under 500,000 visitors in a 24-hour period.

That's the year … and KitGuru's achievements – but we know that's not why you are here.

You want to know which products have emerged as the ‘Best of the Best'.

We'll make you wait no longer, it's time to slip the clutch and race onto the winners!


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  1. That palit card certainly looks amazing

  2. I got that mouse and im glad you acknowledged it, its great for bigger people like myself, razer I used to use, but they are too small for my hands.

  3. I afraid my beloved ms-3 mouse dying on me.