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Gaming for Good charity raises over $10 million

Gaming for Good, a charity that was started up by celebrity gamer, Bachir Boumaaza, also known as Athene, has just passed the $10 million raised milestone. All of the money that gamers have donated so far has been passed on to the Save the Children charity.

Earlier this year, Gaming for Good started giving away game keys in exchange for donations, gamers would donate and the bigger their donation, the more points they would receive to spend on a game key. Some big name games have been given away through the charity such as: Metro Last Light, Tomb Raider and Deus EX: Human Revolution while some smaller games have also been donated, including Space Pirates and Zombies and War of the Roses.

Gaming for Good

The amount raised this year is ten times more than last year when the charity raised $1 million through the ShareCraft project which donated money for the hunger crisis in the horn of Africa. Since Athene is a famous streamer, Twitch donates most of the subscription revenue from his channel, AtheneLive, to Save The Children’s Newborn and Child Survival programs. The reason its most of the subscription revenue and not all of it is down to the fact that Twitch needs to take a bit of the money in order to cover support costs.

KitGuru Says: It’s always nice to get stories like this, gamers sometimes get portrayed badly in the media and obviously here at KitGuru, We’re against that. However, this is certainly something you can’t put a negative spin on.

Source: Kotaku

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