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Sony is pulling online support for a few first party games

Sony is going to start shutting down online support for a few of its older first party Playstation 3 titles throughout 2014. Starting on the 28th of January, MAG along with two PlayStation 3 SOCOM games, Special Forces and Confrontation, will be the first titles to go and since neither MAG or SOCOM have offline modes, they’ll be unplayable for good.

Following on from MAG and SOCOM, on the 28th of March, online features for Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2 and Resistance 3 will also be cut. If you need your Gran Turismo fix then you might want to upgrade to the recently released and micro transaction riddled Gran Turismo 6 as Gran Turismo 5 will have its online servers closed on the 20th of May.


That’s it so far but remember that single player portions of these games will still be playable. Sony has a handy little list of games that you can still play online which it updates when a game is getting the axe so gamers know how long they have left to play the online portions of these games.

KitGuru Says: The multiplayer modes on these games are probably dead at this point anyway, there’s no point keeping servers around if nobody is playing the game. Were any of you guys still playing online on any of these titles?

Source: Sony

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