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Nintendo’s online services are suffering from server issues

If you managed to score yourself a shiny new Nintendo system this Christmas, you might have noticed that the online functions aren't working. This is because Nintendo has been suffering from a long series of server issues since Christmas morning.

The issue is affecting those trying to create new Nintendo ID's as well as users trying to update their consoles or access the e-shop. The inability to create a Nintendo ID stops new Wii U and 3DS owners from making purchases in the e-shop, the Nintendo ID also acts as a unified account that tracks purchases from all devices linked to it, similar to an Apple ID or a Google account.


Nintendo isn't the only company to suffer from server issues over Christmas though, Steam briefly went down due to all of the people trying to install their free copy of Left 4 Dead 2. To lighten the server load, the Pokebank app has been removed from the Japanese e-shop for the time being although, it's not clear when it will make its return or when it will go live in other territories.

KitGuru Says: Hopefully all of Nintendo's services will be back up and running soon for all of the new comers who received consoles of Christmas. It would be nice to know if this will delay the release of the Pokebank too. Did any of you guys get a 3DS or a Wii U this Christmas? Are you unable to update your system or get in to the e-shop?

source: Kotaku

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