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Crowdfunding launched for Blizzard dev with Cancer

A crowd funding campaign has been launched to help support Ron Nakada, a senior software engineer at Blizzard with Stage 4 colon cancer whose short term disability insurance recently ended.

Nakada was diagnosed six months ago which was early in to his first year of marriage, since the diagnosis he has been fighting cancer but now that his short term insurance payments have stopped, his family is left in a tough financial position. To make matters worse, when the long term disability insurance does kick in, Nakada will receive even less money than he was getting before which already didn't help cover monthly expenses.


The campaign says: “Ron has an urgent need right now to pay accumulated bills (including credit cards he has had to rely on to get by) and a longer term need for assistance while he continues the battle.” Initially the campaign wanted $8000 over Christmas and then $25,000 by mid January:

“I’ve set the goal at $8,000 in one week to reflect the urgent short-term need, but the bigger goal is to reach $25,000 by mid January.  Let’s hit that first goal so Ron and his family can enjoy this Christmas without the stress of overdue bills and the threat of utilities shutting off.  After achieving that, we will extend the deadline and update the amount to the final goal.”

All donations immediately go towards supporting Nakada and his short term needs, the campaign has already raised $17,395 at the time of writing this.

KitGuru Says: Hopefully this campaign has helped Nakada and his family so far and will continue to do so over this difficult period in their lives. Lets keep cheering him on and hope that one day soon, he will beat cancer. 

Sources: Kotaku, YouCare

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  1. In the world of Corporations it always gets slimier as time goes by, thanks for setting the bar Blizzard, sure you give extended benefits and insurance policies but when an employee has an illness like this step up and help so they don’t have to ask for charity at such a difficult time…shame shame.

  2. Blizz employees are poor?