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Why do so many products score well on KitGuru?

KitGuru is all about the audience. We not only want to report on the latest/greatest technology for you, we also listen carefully to what you ask us. We constantly run polls and trawl through our forums to see what you are really interested in.

We then use our skill and experience to select products that we think would be a good idea in that market space. That selection means that we have already, in most cases, pre-chosen products that are likely to be pretty decent.

So, if we had to, what would we throw rotten tomatoes at?

Here is a list of egg-worthy kit that we’d never consider buying:-

  • Entry level keyboards and mice from Logitech and Microsoft
    Some of these are so poor that a kink in the cable on the mouse is enough to lift the device from the table. KitGurus love high quality keyboards, especially the Enermax Aurora in a full metal jacket
  • We hate the internals on the Silverstone Kublai chassis, which requires you to remove drive bays in order to fit a real graphic card. In comparison, the cheaper PS02 has plenty of space. We’ve never been keen on the Thermaltake Sword series or the flawed 590 from Coolermaster.
  • Whoever told Coolermaster that selling a 900w Ultimate Circuit Protection power supply without modular cables should be shot (same for anyone who bought one)
  • Intel’s Core i7 860 was a poor choice at launch and the same goes for the Core i7 940
  • AMD’s naming system is just nuts and for every great chip in a range (X3, X4 etc), there are 3 we would never consider
  • Selling enterprise drives alongside regular 1TB and 2TB products is nuts and we really can’t see the benefit if you’re not running a data centre
  • Biostar has created enough ‘avoidable products' for a lifetime, with an adequate board (like the 790GX) popping its head up every now and then. ECS has given them a run for their money in a lot of cases. Foxconn has been hit and miss over the years
  • In cooling terms, we’ve never really understood the love generated by the completely average Tuniq Tower or the monsterous Thermaltake V1 and Coolermaster V10
  • We definitely hate cheap screens (Hannspree, AOCAcer – these guys know which models we mean)

Other times, products we’d never consider at launch because of the price (Coolermaster ATCS 840 around £250) become a positive bargain later and much more desirable as a result (presently £135 or less)

With graphics cards, we hate 2 things:-

1)      Cards that sit next to giants and distract you from making the right decision, like paying £200 for a Radeon HD 5830, when you could have chosen the 1GB Radeon HD 5770 for £70 less or 5850 for £30 more.

2)      Cards that are branded as if they will give you a great experience, but never can. Prime example is the way the GeForce 9400 card (£45) trades off the good name of the 9600GT (£55)

So that’s it. There are crap products in the world – plenty of them, but we try not to waste your time or ours by delivering top class lab work and editorial on a product that we would only use to scrape turds off a shoe.

KitGuru says: We’d like to hear about the products you think should never have been born. Let us know in the forum!

Discuss over here in our forums or just leave a quick comment below.

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  1. Heh, funny article – everything you guys have reviewed so far has been pretty much best in its field. Well apart from the asus board with lame formula cooler

  2. I guess Zardon has been around a long time and companies knew if they send him shit they won’t get away with it. Bit like that Asus formula card he reviewed last week. wasnt impressed.

  3. Never seen this kind of clarity before. I’ve spent years looking at 3-5 star reviews on sites and wondered why they’d never smashed products up. Once a site says it out loud, it makes sense. The sh*t’s been filtered 🙂