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Corsair release Gaming Audio Series HS1 headphones

Corsair release quality products, there is no denying that. Whether its memory, power supplies or flash drives, they always perform at the top of their respective fields. Today we received a press release detailing the new Gaming Audio Series Hs1 headphones which look to be another class leading product.

The headset has underwent a long R&D phase and features 50 mm drivers to ensure the highest quality audio reproduction possible. They feature a uni directional noise cancelling boom mic and have been tuned to allow for clear voice reproduction in an online environment. There is Dolby Headphone support to offer surround sound style audio from Blu Ray and DVD discs.

These phones are going to be available almost immediately at around £85 inc vat, so expect them to go head to head with the Steelseries high quality units, many of which have been reviewed already on KitGuru.

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  • Tom

    These look great, review upcoming I hope ?

  • Sammy

    Should be good, and probably better than steelseries, Corsair are actually usually REALLy good value.